Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cathy at my house....

Last week....Kyle sent me an email to excitedly tell me that Cathy's latest book had arrived at her house!!! Yah... Joy !
So I thought she'd be at mine when I got home.
Nope, she wasnt!
So everyday since then, I have been rushing home in excited anticipation... only to be disappointed she had not yet arrived.

But last night.
After pizza and a couple of beers with some friends at Debacle...
I got home to find Cathy waiting for me, patiently sitting on the kitchen bench (and Nath didnt tell me).
I love this woman's work, her philosophy... Scrapbooking is cool you know! She is definately one of my heros... one of them. I have a few. So many talented and inspiring women.
Can NOT wait to meet her.
In the meantime I will just enjoy her new book... perhaps with a soak in the bath tonight, some herbal tea...RELAX and ENJOY...
Joy JOy JOY... I tells ya... the JOY.

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