Friday, May 12, 2006

SCRAPIN Heaven....

I finished another layout last night. Well almost. I have a few little things to add, but I finished most of it.

And I actually had the space to myself... as Kaela was in bed, not with me doing her homework.

Will get heaps more done tonight, as I am going scrappin @ Kyles for a few hours with Ms Kim too.

My dear darlin' Nath is trying to bribe me to come home early -with the latest downloaded episode of Amazing Race. Very tempting. I love that show. Bugger... I just ruined it for myself, by finding the link, I already know what happens in tonights episode.

Anyways... Lucky I had already assured Nath that it would be very unlikely I am home before midnight.

Something about scrapping into the wee hours of the morning... I JUST Love it.
Kelli Crowe and her 5am scraps... mmm I wanna do that - just occasionally. Not every day or anything... but just you know, just sometimes. Once a week ? Nah too much. WAY too much. Okay perhaps once a month... but it really is just a thought. Because I know I would end up asleep over my table and then Nath would come in and tell me to come to bed. And I would go to work with my eyes as large as saucers, feeling like they had sand in them... yeah-nah, second thoughts ... maybe I will do a 5am-er just once. One day.

Okay everyone.
Enjoy your weekend!
BTW.... We got our butts kicked in footy last night :-( But was fun all the same :-)
Love to all

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