Monday, May 08, 2006

My Scrapping...

Take a look at this...
My very own image gallery (okay, not MINE as such... part of Creating Keepsakes site)...and VERY scrumptious.

I have 14 layouts posted at the moment. All of them are recent and relate to "2006".

This is my love, my passion.... this is what I do {when I can}.

I feel as though I am really coming into my own style... it is still rather eclectic, and I like that. I know I am "in" my element, my zone.... when the layout comes together quickly.

Most of these layouts took anywhere from half an hour to two hours. Except this one... seemed to take about 4 hours (grin).

First I select the photo, then the cardstock, paints and embelishments.
And off I go.
Works for Me.
Though sometimes I still make a mess and once this past weekend I had to restart a lo.
Thanks for taking a look-see.

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