Monday, May 22, 2006

Get my hands on one a them....

Have I mentioned recently that I love my friend Kyles?
Well I do. She is an enabler.... kewl huh !
Actually, technically it is her mother-in-law {Bernadette} who is the enabler.
You see... Bernadette owns Scrap'n' Stuff and is getting one of these.
The QuicKutz
Now we just need to get ourselves some alphabets... and we can use it.
We have been drooling over this product for some months now.... I think I first saw it here on Cathy's blog... AND actually that post speaks of something very dear to most our hearts "The Elusive State... Balance"
See the thing about Scrapping... is that there is ALWAYS something more to spend money on... OUCH!
Exciting. YES.

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