Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not so early....

This morning, but I still managed to get my fresh juice in and walk into work. I even made 5 minutes on yesterday's time... so most happy about that. My little Miss didnt think much about my juice breath (ginger and garlic) and told me I stink. Nice one. Fair call.

Nath and I are off to see DaVinci Code tonight... I totally LOVED the book and I am looking forward to seeing the movie. AND Tom Hanks is THE BEST. Mostly thought I just love hanging out with my guy. Going to the Movies. Nothing better really.

A couple of musings I wanted to put up here:
I made myself a promise to do a lot more journalling in my scrapbooking this year.
Meaningful journalling.
Journalling that gives a real insight to our daily activities, the people we are, what we do, our motivations, our dreams and desires.
Our LIFES....
I find I am not doing so as much in my scrapbooking layouts.
I am using my blog to do that... and I have decided that is okay.
For a couple of reasons: it is actually a daily diary, SO many of the things Mikaela says and does ... I forget very quickly, this medium forces me to record them.

To remember the smaller details... or at least provide me with a memory jogger to them.
Some days I am not "inspired" to blog... and I need to remind myself that I do this for her.
For Mikaela.
So she will know me much better than I ever knew my Mother or Grandmother.
That is why I blog.
And if others enjoy it too, then that is a bonus.
AND I can use my blog entries to inspire layouts.... and I have so a lot alreday.

The journalling is there.
All ready to go.
So it may seem trivial and conceited to others... but this blog is totally about ME.
My life and My loves.
It is my Life.
And I record it for her.
My daughter.
To enjoy.

Upon my walk into work I see so many visions I want to share... to put up here. I will do so soon.
Happy Tuesday.

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