Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The definition of a father...

Is HE a man who:

  • Give cuddles?
  • Reads bedtime stories?
  • Rides his bike with HER?
  • Teaches HER to ride without training wheels?
  • Teaches HER to ride a scooter?
  • Kisses HER scrapes after a stack?
  • Takes HER to the park?
  • Ensures SHE wears helmet?
  • Misses HER when she is not there?
  • Practices ABC's with HER?
  • Buys educational CDs .... AND uses them, teaches HER?
  • Jumps out of bed in the middle of the night when SHE cries?
  • Pushes HER on the swing?
  • Carries HER on his shoulders?
  • Does not let HER get away with being naughty?
  • Disiplines HER?
  • Teaches HER right from wrong?
  • Tickles and wrestles with HER?
  • Takes HER to school each morning?
  • Checks HER school communication book and reads the newsletters?
  • Reminds HER to take a jacket and hat?
  • Reminds HER to blow that snotty nose?
  • Kisses HER just because?
  • Tells HER "I LOVE YOU"?
  • Has HER clean her room?
  • Forms an alliance with HER to gang up on Mum?
  • Makes HER laugh?
  • Teases HER?
  • LOVES HER Mum?

These few actions I can recall at the moment... Do these actions define a father? A man who loves HER, as if she were his child... even though biologically she is not.

We are blessed. Me, She and He. It slowly creeped up on him... he didnt even realise ~he is already a Dad~. And a great one at that!
Just being. Just loving. Just growing...

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