Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Time to just Be.... so precious. Kaela and I spent yesterday afternoon with Kyle and her darlin's. It was SO lovely...just hangin'... just being! They are so great to be's simple pleasures!

Mikaela has been very vocal lately about wanting a sibling... very vocal {laugh}. Tells me all the time and kisses my belly and says "hello baby"!
I know I have put on a few kilos...but that is no reason for her fact she has always had it. But now that Nath and I {and little Miss} are living together, I think she feels we should just hurry it up and deliver...literally!

And spending time with the gorgeous Kyles and her little ones only compounds those feelings, for Kaela (and for me too... but not as much as Kaela).

So I do what I have to do to get there....go to work, make some money. Tis boring but essential. As Lance Armstrong mentions in his book (Kyle put me onto...check out her husband's journal of their experience with Lachie....) "Every Second Counts" one descriptor of a hero is going to work day-in, day-out to provide for your family....I really needed that, tis true}. Oh ... and when I say "going to work" ... I am including my stay at home superheros!! THAT is WORK !

It will be a little while before we have another addition to our family unit....but not TOO long...

So many great things to look forward to :-)

And in case you were wondering what this photo has to do with this post ??? Well... it is just moment of just "being" Thailand with - that was 3 months ago now! *and I like the candid's just me being me!*

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