Thursday, March 23, 2006

Scrap diddily issious .....

Am I a groupie ?..... oh dear. What have I become? It is official. I am Ali M.A.D .... she has a clothing line (and other kewl stuff). Wowsers, she is incredible. Totally inspiring. So naturally {I just HAD to buy a top}. Well....

And I can NOT wait to meet her in August. So totally excited about meeting her (WISH #1). I show all her stuff to Nath... he is actually not quite as excited as I am. But he loves my passion for my craft.

As Ali says: the title is "LIFE Artist"... and she is spot on ... I am a life artist, all scrappers are. It is a perfect fusion of photos, papers, ribbons, paints, pastels, chalks- all sorts of mediums - and most importantly accompanied by a story {my story}.... life artist, yep I like that title. Thats what I am. For me, and my guy and my gal.... and others to join us. AND I LOVE IT.

I am totally in love with my craft, with what I do .... and I love all the positive energy that it creates and generates... my beautiful friends I scrap with and other fabulous people I have met, the support, encouragement and love I receive from my loved ones... {SO much from Nath}

AND I will not tolerate any further negativity towards my passion, happiness or success. Its basically like being slapped in the face. NO MORE> will I feel guilty about loving the life I have chosen... and why would I? That is absurd ! Just ridiculous! Sometimes tis difficult to ignore bad learned habits of feeling responsible for others. Life is constantly striving to be a better person, to ALWAYS treat people with love and respect..... firstly ourselves.
PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, BLISS to one and all {mwah... big kiss}

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