Friday, March 03, 2006

I am in Pain....

..but a good type of pain, most pleased. This mornings boot camp was difficult. We ran around Parliament House and down to Yarralumla Bay...1 minute high intensity and alternate minute low. Okay there was not a lot of "intensive" running on my part....more convincing myself that to continue running is easier than stopping and then having to restart again....keep up the momentum. But I was out there and I did it and I am happy.
I am hobbling into civic at lunch to meet Jodes at Della {our most favourite restaurant}. Put some film in to be developed and put onto CD....some great photos I took of Kaela with her hair out..
And looking forward to Nath's sister, Cass and her hubby Matt arriving from Adelaide tonight.
We have another great weekend ahead....usual Friday night at the plaza with Miss Mikaela, SkyFire Saturday night and little Eliza's Christening on Sunday.
Somewhere in there I hope to get some scrapping done....just one or two pages even...{Smile}
I hope you have a beautiful weekend too.
Oh...and we won our semi in Touch Footy last night, which means we play in the finals next week {kewl}.

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