Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kimmy in da house....

I was walking out of my office to meet my guy for lunch {joy}.....
And who should be walking the corridor getting the "royal tour"???... non-other than my Kimmy. I can not hold onto this any longer.......THIS IS WISH NUMBER TWO....Kim has a new job. Here, with me {not actually working with me...but in the same branch of great techo nerds}.... so kewl.

I am so proud of her.... a whole new chapter is about to begin for her and Sime and the boyz. Most exciting for this fabulous family...MOST.

AND most exciting for moi {yep,}.... cause I get to see one of my favourite people all the time [but not too much or we will drive each other mental]. AND, she will help me to get out of my {totally self obsessed} funkiness with this (actually very fabulous place I work). Kim's excitement is a great reminder of how pumped I used to be {and want to be again} to be here. And her just being here makes it better :-)

Did I already say how proud I was of this gal? ...oh yeah I did....SO PROUD. Her grin is happy to see that! And and nice new shoes and nails too (cute)...

Mes beaux amis toujours me rappellent la comment grande vie est. Merci. (My beautiful friends always remind me how great life is. Thanks.)
I love you Kimmy....have I told you how proud I am of you??????

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