Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A gorgeous family.....

I am so blessed to know these beautiful people...take a look at this talented woman's work.
We are booked in for our own session soon {naturally}....WOW ! **Actually (WHoa Nelly) I was a bit quick off the mark there.....usual spontaneous self. After discussing with my guy, he rightly pointed out that we have some pretty major things occuring at the moment {cant share yet, but promise I will when it all becomes official - and not it has nothing to do with babies} anyway that leaves us with putting this off for six months or so. I am okay with that - because this other stuff is very exciting and kewl....will tell soon :-)

I am so so sooooo happy after looking at those.
And honoured that Kyle sent them to me....
Thanks and Jas are golden and have the most lovely family.

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