Friday, March 17, 2006

Life's Daily Frustrations.....

I can handle big know, life altering stuff - good or bad, we have no choice but to deal with it.

It is the little stuff that really annoys me...
Every afternoon when collecting Kaela from school... the contents of her school bag strewn down the corridor, the WHERE is your HAT, WHERE is your JACKET....searching all over (and not finding it). Then arriving late to ballet. These are the things that bug me.

Kim reminds me that my little Miss Mikaela is only my first child... I really need to take a deep breath. Wait until we have more... Agh!
And then she does this....cute little things like this. And all is forgotten and forgiven.
We are at BarBars in Woden, enjoying a quick catch up with Kim... with some chips, an iced chocolate for Kaela and a vino for mineself and Kimbo. It is a nice way to end the afternoon... a bit of down time {smile}.

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