Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Getting organised.....

For our scrap day on Saturday. I am doing our Thailand holiday album...I have culled it down to 700+ photos.....mmm TOO MANY !

Also trying to work out my approach. Did sketches whilst in Thailand, first instincts are usually the ones to go with. Then I got to thinking I would like to include more of my freehand stuff, more of my artistic ramblings on page....my visual diaries are all me. And sometimes a sketch looks much better than the finished product because I let my creativity spill onto the page of my visual diaries, bit too precious with my scrap albums.

I mean the whole intention is that Mikaela gets a part of me....of who I am. And she would get a better idea from my visual diaries than my scrapbooks at the moment. As much as I love my scrapbooks....I am not pouring MySelf into them as I do with my visual diaries, just let it flow onto the page. So....MORE freehand paint, pencils, pens ...let the creativity flow.Yeah!

On another matter...Boot Camp, can honestly say I enjoyed it this morning... However, Friday I forgot my towel and had to use paper towels. And TODAY....I am well, lets just say I forgot another kind of essential, and I am glad I am wearing pants {much laughter}. Such a goose! Ah well... hopefully that is the worst thing that happens to me today.

All good.
B x

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