Friday, March 17, 2006


We have a long weekend in Canberra ... a three day weekend. Yipee. It was planned that we head down to Melbourne to see Stella, Jer and the boys... but Stella and I got our wires crossed :-(

So our plan now is for a weekend of relaxation (and indulgence) .... On Sunday me and my gal are leaving our guy behind (just for one night). Hitting the highway, driving up to Sydney to see my sisters for some girly time, shopping and eating out. Just hangin with the sister/auntie crew.

I MAY even catch up with the goregous Naomi - a friend of mine forever (since we were 15) now THAT would be so great...she is a rare diamond, one of my life's besties for sure. And we need to organise our easter break ritual...

IKEA....we are definately hitting ... a must. Storage boxes here I come...I am storage mad I tells ya! Everything in its place, thats my idea of heaven (sad I know)!!

I wish a safe and joyous weekend to ya all too. Travel safely everybodies......{big hugs and love}

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