Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I just ate a Hundreds & Thousands cupcake....

...yep, sure did. And I didnt go to Boot Camp this morning....very naughty I know! btw... this statement would be SO much more meaningful with an accompanying photo... I mean they looked splendid. How could I have possibly resisted {grin}!

We had a great long weekend... all the gals went to Clovelly Beach Sunday afternoon. I had not been here before - been to Bondi, Coogee and Bronte loads of times, but never this one. It was so gorgeous, on one side it was family heaven, beach inlet and pool. And the other side are these fabulous rocks, great for climbing and lounging upon - huge - could take some really beautiful photos there....the rocks are magnificent... here are a couple of great aerial shots. We had a lovely day there and Kaela enjoyed frolicking in the water with Meeges and Sam.

Anyways onto Bondi for dinner...WAY over priced but enjoyable all the same. Mikaela was trying to speak French to the Italian waitress... cute... Lots of people watching and just sitting back enjoying the surrounds. Back to Lee (and Meeges) place to hang out, watch the teev and chill out... much needed and very nice {wish I'd taken my nail stuff}.

Yesterday Kaela and I had breaky with Katie ... it was lovely {except Kaela's scorching porridge}. Then we hit the shops ... we found the most beautiful dress for Katie, it was made for her. She looked stunning. Then onto IKEA... Kaela played in the KiddyZone {joy for all} and Kate and I shopped. I bought the storage boxes and thanks to the help of my guy... they are now set up and in place at home {yah}!

AND whilst away... Nath set up another shelf unit in the garage... and tidied up just a little more. I love the order of our house. So very much! It is definitely HOME. Our home and it is just the way we want it ... {contented sigh} WOW.

As exciting as I find Sydney and I LOVE visiting my sisters... SO much ... I was very happy to be home with my guy and gal last night, all warm and cosy... with everything in its place {well almost everything}...

Feeling a bit blue about saga's with Mikaela's Dad. Most of the time things are great, but every now and then there are issues! Ahhhh... the ongoing joys of both a separated and blended family. We are all good people and try to do our best ... that is all we can do. Sometimes I wish things were easier. Especially for Papy because he remains a man I admire and respect, whom I am proud of. And he is Mikaela's father and for that reason alone {aside from all the great things he has overcome and done} I will always have some kind of great affection for him, for she is part of him, without him, without us, there would be no she. Apparently I am at fault for [Nath and I] spoiling her... And I think I am. Its a sticky, yukky situation that breaks my heart. And for Nath too, for the family we have created. It is not easy. I have a lot of work to do here.

{edit: I just spoke to MY Dad... had a cry, he made me laugh and he made me feel MUCH BETTER, thanks Dad, I love you..always Bx}

Anyways... its the tough stuff that makes us appreciate the good, yeah ? Yeah! {a little smile}...

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