Monday, March 27, 2006

Its a beautiful day...

I am not sure who suffers Mondayitis the most... me, my gal (or Nath!). Nath finds his two grumpy gals very amusing {for the most part}... we SO need our sleep (10 hours is ideal) but I usually operate on 7 (6 some days) ... and it takes its toll. Its not pretty. But there is just so much to do... {grin} Maybe I will go to bed early tonight? (Hah)...

Ah Tuesday will be here soon enough. In the meantime here are a few things to brighten my Monday:

  • Kim is here {yah... some girly company in my work place.... kewl}.
  • I have booked our Easter break accomodation..... yipee.
  • I got to scrap over the weekend with Kimmy ~much joy~
  • Kyle, Jas and their clan came over for a BBQ on Saturday... we had such a good time ~needs to be more of 'em~
  • These beautiful flowers Kyle gave me ..... love 'em.
  • I have MORE scrapping planned this weekend.... infact TWO occassions (fantastico)
  • I have done MOST of my ironing (that is HUGE I tells ya... I had so much) whilst watching 2.5 episodes of the Sopranos 4th season.
  • MY GUY.... he totally brightens my everyday... and he makes me kak.
  • I have been avoiding speaking of wish No. 3 as I have not made it so (yet)...but I am progressing today and will be able to reveal details very soon...{really only exciting for me, but hey}...
  • Got a beautiful email from Denise... so beautiful.
  • My hair is all curly today (alla natural) and I like it.
  • In October we are going here... Nath's apartment in Palm Cove {pure paradise}. Love it so much. The photos from this blog entry are from our last mini-break there (last October)...
  • Coffee is (as always) good...

I hope you have a brilliant Monday... that there are a few things to brighten your day. And that the sun is shining....FOR its a beautiful day {grin}.

Gonna go grap my sister for a coffee break !!

B x

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