Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Loving Tuesdays & Fridays....

...Even MORE now because I have BOOT CAMP, yep - that is right. My first session was this morning and honestly I did not LOVE it. But I did love the fresh crispness of the morning....leaving the house at 615am when it was dark and watching my world light up as I got my body moving, that was really great.

I attempted this in winter last year but I only lasted two classes - at the time Nath and I were not living together and Kaela got sick....and did I already mention....it was winter?? Practically the whole session was conducted in the dark...

So this is a MUCH better time of year, not the HEAT of summer, but cooling into Autumn, perfect!

Also last time I went there were only 6 people....this time there were 22....whoohoo. Very Kewl.

So I am PUMPED... I promised {ohhhh dear} Kyle I would do the 24hr mountain bike race with her this year in October.....if I can do the required two laps {without injury} I will be ecstatic...really I will.

See how I feel on Friday... it is all running !!


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