Friday, February 03, 2006

My Romantic & Thoughtful Guy....

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Nath bought me {us} tickets to "A Day on the Green" as my Chrissy pressie. Its on this Sunday at a winery in Bowral :-)

Missy Higgins is the headliner [Saw her last year with Kerri and Jules...she is a cutie...but I am a bit over her - just like NV]!

I am most excited about Lior and Clare Bowditch....they are special. I have seen Lior live at Tilley's Devine Cafe with Kim and Jode - he is stunning. But I have not seen Clare yet....currently listening to her album in my car. On This Side is my favourite song at the moment {I play it over and over, very loud...Kaela loves it too :-)} ! This is how I feel about Nath....I have sketched [but yet to scrap] a page about Nath and I and this song......

And I have already scrapped a page on Nath and I and Lior from when we first got together. So this is why I think my guy is so romantic and thoughtful. This is not music he loves, but music he knows I love and that makes him a real sweetie. What a darlin'

So with picnic blanket, a nice selection of food stuff - and our little munchkin Mikaela - we are off to the winery for a day of audial pleasure....only thing is that I hope it doesnt rain :-(

Fingers crossed. I'll tell you all about it later :-)
B x

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Paradox said...

::sigh:: You're sooo lucky. My little boys father (pre little boy) took me to the drive in once but when we got there he didn't have any money so I had to pay for everything, and I was the attractive one in that relationship lol. Yeah I know, I can do so much better he's almost 5 yrs dumped.