Thursday, February 09, 2006

Time for everything.....

Is just so hard. I know that is how everyone feels in our society. So much to, friends, create, inspire, teach, exercise, health, relaxation, enjoyment, career {mmm that came a little low on the list :-)} maybe the problem I am experiencing?..... I am finding it difficult to focus on all the things I have to do because I have so many things going on at once.....

I dont have enough time to scrap. I have a great space for it now, but no time. I am a full time working mum of a beautiful 5 year old. Scrapping is a hobby, not my job.....not something I can do each day while Kaela has an afternoon nap {only on weekends}...I am finding this hard. I am not an artist....I dont have time. I need to make time....I MUST....I have a dream and I will make it happen.

I have always been an impromptu kinda girl and I do like to be busy....but I need my chaos to be organised.

New job, going overseas, being away from Kaela, new house, moving in together with Nath, new school, new nights at everything almost....takes a little bit of time to adjust.

So this weekend we have nothing planned except just that! Getting our family organised...some sort of schedule - no doubt we will deviate, but the guide will be there :-)

Anyway last night Nath and I made time to catch a movie was great. I love cycling - some years ago it was one of my lifes main passions (or obsessions) - and this year I really want to get back into it. More road....more kms than I ever did before - see how I go.

I hope to find some balance this year... not easy for a girl who does not like too much structure :-)


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