Friday, February 10, 2006

I was there for the end of school bell....

Joy JOY and so much JOY. I actually had a bit of a tear....I AM soft !! But it was so special. I couldn't help peering in the window and watching my girl as she collected the name cards off the desks, tapping them every now and again. Then I watched as she took some stickers out of her uniform pocket and stuck it on her hand....then she spotted me, I ducked but it was too late: "Mum, Mum..."

I sat down and waited patiently out of sight [like a well behaved parent] and got a huge cuddle when my girl tumbled out of the door with all her class mates. That corridor gets SO packed...adults and children squeezed in together.

I have arranged things so that I am able to be there for the bell EVERY Thursday as Kaela has ballet {though she has already told me she doesnt want to continue :-), - which I am secretly most happy about - but that is another story}..... And I will be collecting Kaela at 4.30 every other afternoon I have her. MUCH JOY....

I am begining to attain balance....and with Nath's help {much love and thanks}, it is so much easier.

B x

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