Thursday, February 09, 2006

First Day @ Kindy....

WOW....I cant believe how big she looked. And how big she was behaving - had no problem at all putting that huge back pack on. Little Miss Independence {always has been, which I love}.

She was very excited. Nath and I took heaps of photos before we left the house [ I only took about 50 photos - I am most impressed with my restraint, mind you using film does help :-)]. Kaela's Dad met us there and she was really happy to see him.

I left work early to collect her at the end of the school day [usually she will go into afterschool care*] so she could tell me all about it. It was great....I naturally had a tear, so much excitement. A terrific atmosphere is a group of excited and happy 4-5 year olds.

I asked if she had made any new friends....she said yes and started to name all her existing friends....I explained that I was asking if she made any NEW friends....she gave me a very puzzeled expression (why would I do that?). It is great that she already has so many friends, they have all been going to pre-school together the last 2 years and have formed what I suspect will be lifelong friendships for some of them.....sweet.

Kaela told me she had been speaking French all day...some of the other children did not speak at all - she patiently explained to me that this is because their teacher does not understand English....I like this woman already.

We went and did a bit of shopping...Mikaela fell asleep in the car on the way home.

She is still my baby and always will be, even when she is 30 and a Mum herself. I am SO PROUD....


* Her school has some terrific after school programs for an hour each afternoon....Kaela will be doing tennis, soccer, gymnastics and beading (this term). Other subjects on offer include computing, pottery, dancing, kung fu, mini-hockey, Irish dancing {KEWL}, Chess (mmmmm Kaela playing chess?? Maybe in winter :-)) Auskick/Sports, Multicultural Cooking.....and many, many others once they go to Year 1. So a busy girl Mikaela shall be :-)

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