Friday, February 17, 2006

There is A LOT of pain in this world of ours....

But I choose LOVE....
So many things about our lives are out of our control.
Death of a loved one.
Natural disasters.
Illness and disease.....

But the things that we do have control of....
how we choose to behave, to treat each other...
to love, to be happy for each other.
To be grateful. Content. Sincere.
These are the things that define a person, a life.

I don't care if people think I am sappy - it is hard {as it requires constant thought, consideration and compassion} to be program ourselves not to be negative. We use the word NICE almost as in insult in our society....WHY? Okay there are more passionate descriptors...Sure, but being a NICE person - a REALLY NICE person - is quiet an achievement me thinks :-)

Interestingly enough - to be selfish and nasty requires MORE energy, but some people just choose not to care about others as much as they do themselves (there is another irony to that one - but anyway!) ....they think the world is against them...when infact they are the only ones against themselves. Ultimately that is a choice....and a life that one chooses for themselves.

I hope to teach my girl ...
to choose love...and to create a beautiful life- AND to
be thankful and grateful for her choices...BE NICE.

Already.......she is the sweetest and most loving child...those that know her as I do, know what I mean. She is the first at the side of a fallen friend. First to give a cuddle. She is an angel here on earth...for sure. Happy Birthday Miss Mikaela xxx
B x

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