Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Day on the Green.....

Was fantastic....and way exceeded our expectations.

Nath got us terrific tickets in the sectioned off area directly infront of the stage. We could go right up to the stage and I got lots of great photos with my SLR* and Kaela took loads of photos of Lior with my little digi {well the girl has great taste}......she is also a bit of a heart breaker.

At the merchadising tent I was most impressed with Kaela's sass and determination to get closer to Clare Bowditch...she had wedged herself between two tables trying to squeeze her way closer-> almost managing to do herself an internal injury I am sure. Such determination should always be rewareded, so with a wink I gave her the motion to climb under the table :-) {Clare was also most encouraging} Miss Mikaela then made herself comfortable upon Clare's lap while she was signing various items....cheeky girl {love it}.....Asha, Clare's daughter was also there and it was a very sweet few moments.

Close your eyes and imagine...walking by a beautiful vineyard...into a big green paddock - surrounded by enormous gum trees in the sunshine out in the country...this - this is Australia {or one of the many splendors} and it is just glorious. My does not get any better than these golden days.

A perfect Sunday afternoon.

Thanks Nath - you are THE bomb xxx


* I am SO over my digi - it has had its day I think. I am definately getting myself a DigiSLR for my birthday......and I know exactly what I want :-) And so it shall be!

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