Friday, February 24, 2006

I LOVE Fridays.....

BUT Dani {my coffee making goddess} just told me its only "two days till Monday".....she kakked herself when she saw my shattered expression.

For me Friday is definately one of the best days (I really like Tuesdays too).....FRIDAYs ARE: late nite shopping and eating out with my gal. We go home, get changed, burn a CD of photos to scrap in the next week, go to the ARtShop, potter gifts, look at stuff (howards storage world is another addiction)...anticipating Saturday (and Sunday mornings, Sunday papers) Fridays ARE kewl....

And here are a few other VERY kewl things in my world, things I am grateful for:

  • Mikaela - she is a dream and I LOVE>LOVE>LOVE the angel she is.
  • Nath - my best friend and a darling person....he has taught me much, mainly LOVE, compromise and faith. To believe and make it so. To really BE IN IT with someone...(so totally in it together) I've never had this before....I am SO grateful...
  • My sisters - I am so blessed to have them as my friends (as REAL friends) and this is golden - at times we really piss one another off, but the love I have for them is never ending and our friendships are home to me.
  • My gals - my friends are strong and talented and grateful for them...and the love, support and encouragement they give me.
  • My scrapping room - it is my haven, my place, my dream, to create and be make gifts of the ones I love, me and my life.
  • My city....I love Canberra, I love where we are living, our neighbourhood - being so close to our work and Kaela's school - the big old trees...the red fire hydrants, street names stamped into the curb and old street posts...
  • My health.....aside from being overweight at the moment (not really happy about that) ...I am healthy.....I can loose weight !!

That is a damn fine list me is good. Even if it is only two days till Monday!!

So have a lovely weekend all.


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