Saturday, April 29, 2006

The thing about wishes....

... is that sometimes they dont come true.

Or not as you expect or imagined them to. But what happens is this... a better one DOES!!Perhaps even a BIGGER one than you came up with. When something does not occur as you thought it should (that word again) it IS for a reason. Something better is just around the corner. At the time you do not always see that. But it has happened to me so many times that I am a strong believer in fate, destiny... faith.

For a while now I have been percolating ideas on how scrapping could become more a part of me... something I can earn money from. Imagine loving your work?! Your work is your passion. That is my dream, my wish. And my guy is totally there with me.... supports me 100% {that is so important, pretty much make or break a project: a supportive partner ~MY ROCK IS NATH~ Thanks Nath}

So so so .... I THOUGHT my wish had come true some weeks ago. I was asked to run scrapbooking workshops at the Craft Store in Woden. But it was not to be. It did not eventuate. And thats fine. Its no biggy. Now is not the time for me to be conducting workshops.

Then again... something MORE than my initial dreams came along. And now I have another partner... a business partner. Naomi and I are very excited about our project, our own little company. And so is Nath. Kim and Kyle think it rocks... it is all very good indeed.

First ~Believe.
Then ~Do.

[oh and BTW ~ the photo of me in my faux fur - Nath took as I was getting ready for the nite club opening. It was actually pretty fun. Us. Being Silly. On a Friday night.]

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