Thursday, April 13, 2006

Its all good...

I lookie at this site every day... if not a few times a day.
I found this blog entry SHE wrote about a year ago.
Made me feel so good. Made me feel so good (I know I already said that, but it really did).
In a world where I occassionally focus on the negative {most unfortunate}.

In a world where I try and find (sometimes look) for reasons to beat myself up.
Where I aspire to perfection
It is nice to see that even those I admire so much have issues alike my own.
I am not perfect.
I know this.
I felt bad about this.

I dont anymore.
Let me explain....
Lately I have been spending LOTS {not totally out-of-control, but slowly it all adds up} of my money.

AND I owe my guy some money.
We have a joint account... together we are fine.
But I spend - I always have.

Nath not only saves, he invests.
I felt like a loser.... like why would he want to be with me?
But I realised this ....A loser is someone who does not see or face the problem.

Does not find a solution.
I am not a loser.
We all have our strengths and weaknesses...I am thankful and grateful to have found in my guy a man who compliments my weaknesses, as I do his.
Thanks honey.
So I gave him my credit card....ouch!

I am on my way to a simpler life, to living simply.
To be happy with what I already have.
With who I AM, now today. Its okay, no biggy.
And to really THINK before I get any more STUFF (what the F*#K is STUFF anyway????)
I realise this....I LOVE this life, my life. I dont need stuff.

BTW...Part of my overspending... I have THREE (no less) of HER tops, and I am going to MEET HER in August this year.

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