Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter at the beach...

Okay. First things first. Easter was fabulous. So great to catch up with Naomi and Jordan. To chill with my loved ones. And even when I was in a mood... quiet and reflective, it was beautiful, the whole weekend. All of us together.

Mikaela had a ball in the ocean. Funny little antics... karate style stance and yelling in french - taunting the waves to come get her... very cute.
Another very cute thing... Kaela has decided that Jordan is her big brother. So sweet watching them together, playing, reading, drawing. Jordan was so patient with her. He is such a great kid.
It was so lovely just BEING... a weird time parallel thing happening, time travelling quickly and slowly at the same time. Days rushed by but hours didnt. Was perfect.

We went to the blowhole, Naomi and I got up to some shopping {bought some beautiful jewellery} while Nath took Kaela and Jord to Jamberoo (they had a ball). Following day we all went to Minnamurra Rainforest - which was so gorgeous - AND we got our (long awaited) devonshire tea. Really special. Then we went to CARRINGTON FALLS. Lots of cute little antique shops to browse.... AND of course there was the beach, so wonderful to float in the ocean (definately one of my favourite things to do). Plus lots of great food and wine enjoyed also. Splendid weather thankfully.

Kaela and I came home a day early as we missed Nath... very cute sobbing phone call where Kaela told Nath we were coming home... news to me, but okay! Kaela said to me "Mum, I miss Paris and our house, dont you?" Sweet.
Next year... we are all going to PalmCove.
I hope everyone had a lovely mini-break.

EDIT: Have to share this as I just remembered and dont want to forget it. So cute. Whilst down the coast. Reading Kaela a bedtime story. She whispered to me the following secret:
K "Mum, you know the Easter bunny at school, it really was a person, it really was"
Me: "Why do you think that?"
K "Because I saw the skin!! I did Mum"
Me: "oh okay?"
K "And Mum....{she said this in such a serious manner and giving me a very knowing expression that this one is a DEAD giveaway....} he didnt hop"
Me: totally kakking myself and kissing her face all over.

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