Monday, April 03, 2006

My Space to Be Me...

THis is it !
And I love it.
I wish I could spend a LOT more time here... just BEING... time to be ME.

This weekend Kim and Kyle joined me in my space. But it may have been too much?!! We had already spent 6-7 hours scrapping @ Kyles until 1am Saturday morning..... Much to Naths horror! as I didnt get home until close to 2am... Funny ~ we go for ages not hooking up (creatively) ~ then we have a slight creative overload, when the rest of life continues around us {children require our attention, husbands get lost mountain biking in the bush, guys return from "their time" at the pub and interupt - are you finished yet?}. Our lifes make it hard to finish a conversation, let alone a page... but these are the bits & pieces we scrap ~our lives~ And we would not have it any other way.

Usually a "scrapday" is our only opportunity to all get together, child free, for a few hours and scrap. When those plans slip - when we have children, husbands, partners all demanding from us at the same time when we are trying to scrap.... it can be a bit challenging. But still fun! And life is ALL about challenges. And THAT is what I like about my life, and my girlfriends.... the ability to multi-skill, to prioritise, to make three people all feel important at the same time {smile}. All be it slightly distracted.... that is what makes a family, and a family of friends. Can you tell I am the eldest of five? I love the chaos of a busy home... laughter, cuddles and kisses galore... {plus tears, tantrums and yelling}... a happy home and a busy one. Never boring. Above all it is loving. Occassionally quiet, but rarely... so I think I will make myself a new rule... I can only do one scrap gathering per weekend.

Ah ~ our lives, our own ~ And very much intertwined together. Happiness.
btw... did you notice the little gremlin in one of the photos... heheheheh {she makes me kak}

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