Friday, April 28, 2006

Naughty little blogger....

I know.
I have not posted in ages.
I have been busy.
Like everyone.
Maybe a bit preoccupied with other exciting things going on....
AND I hate to post without photos...but I can not seem to get them offa my palm pilot. Bugger.
So what have I been up to? Not much....

  1. Saturday {this weekend just passed} went down to our local library - so very kewl... really great. Kaela and I got about 22 books between us! One for Nath... So kind am I!! I should mention here though that he doesn't read a LOT, but he is reading this one, smile. There are just so many great books to read...Ali's post on all her recommended reads inspired me (together with my resolve not to spend money unnecessarily)... to head down to our local library. And I am so glad I did. It is a little slice of heaven just down the road. Hard to keep Miss Mikaela quiet mind ! She strutted down with her baby and pram and all !
  2. My girl Naomi and I are percolating our very own company & business ideas....VERY exciting. We began at Easter, and things have just taken off since then. Our ideas are BIG and together we make a great team. She is today at a show...for work - and just so happens to directly relate to what we wanna get into. The universe has provided all that we need, and we are not only listening, but in a position to act upon (or maybe not entirely...but we will Make It So)... I will be sure to keep you posted as this dream of ours is realised.*** On this one - some time ago I mentioned three wishes - one each for me and two of my girlfirends - and I promised to get back to you on them, I realise I still have not... but I will soon***
  3. I went on an excursion to the Zoo today, accompanying Miss Mikaela and her friends at her holiday program. Forty 3-5 year olds - what a scream. Bet they all have a nice afternoon nap...
  4. Been scrappin heaps...also wanna post those when I get a chance.
  5. Found myself a mentor.... a Life Coach, happens to be a beautiful friend of mine too. Vanessa. Again the whole universe providing (and listening....KINDA the important bit, to actually LISTEN) thingo... and reading this post from Superhero. So that is a HUGE plus. Postive moving on. Its all good. I have so much to do... so many things that I want to achieve. For Me, for N, for K... for all of us. My life, my dreams.
  6. Scrap day @ mine this girl Kim is joining me. Kewl. So looking forward to THAT!
  7. Going out with my guy tonight ~not really my thang~ but important to him, so I will go. Its a "Hollywood Style Red Carpet" event... re-opening, re-naming of a Nite Club. Get into a nice dress and "pretty myself up" a bit.
  8. Did I already mention that Kim is coming over to scrap? Oh yeah I have. ANd perhaps I will again .... I have been scrapping HEAPS - lovin' it - love to share the space and positive, creative, excited energy with my friends too. And with Kim... I dont always have to talk. Love that.
  9. I am creating a mothers day gift for my dear friend Steve to give to his love.... all about their six month old bubba Sienna (he stole that name from me..haha). SO EXCITED about that. I think I will do it on Sunday? while my ideas are fresh.

So that is about it for now...until next time (and I am sure I will post more than once next week). Take care. Love to you and yours.
Be well and happy {enjoy the weekend} YAH!

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