Thursday, April 13, 2006

Morning Comes.....

....sometimes with a smile
Sometimes with a frown
So I never want to worry
If you're gonna stay around.
{This OLd LOve, LiOR} I dedicate to my guy (big kiss honey)....

This man is an AMAZING SOULFUL artist whom I adore...
And I love how things happen, coincidences’... my connecting with Denise ~lead me to find out that LIOR will be here in only a few weeks ~ And me and Kimmy are going. Kim loves him so much too and we just happened to stumble upon the fact that he will be here. Wow.
It REALLY annoys me when you find out AFTER an event (very unhelpful universe)... but not lately> Lately everything that is goin' on that I want to be a part of - I know about, I am a part of. Just like that. Blessed.... there's that feeling again. JOY. Thanks Deni (big hug).

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