Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to you....

Goddess Naomi.
EVERY year I call my friend two days before her actual birthday.
EVERY single YEAR.
For at least, oh I dunno.... 15 years!!
ANd I check, all thoughout the year.
I ask her.
I put it in my palm pilot.
To give me an alarm.
But it is not the date I think of.
So the palm MUST be wrong.
Silly technology!!
SO I call her....all proud....I have got it right this time!!
NOPE.... her birthday is still two days away {again}.
On some spiritual level I think perhaps she was MEANT to be born on the 19th... but she was indeed born (and she has checked *and her mother assures her*) on the 21st.
SO TODAY IS THE DAY.... my (talented, gorgeous and brilliant) friend ~Naomi~ was born!
I SO love this girl... I think you can tell by the photo {grin}!
Naomi - I wish you a happy, happy birthday. May you and your *DUDE* {very kewl 10 year old son, Jordan} have a great time tonight. You are a rare diamond and I love you so much!!
Happy Friday one and all.
Enjoy the weekend.

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