Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boot Camp {again}...

Outta bed at 6am - that is so big for me cause I am not a morning kinda gal ! And you know that last half hour is crucial {grin}.

Kaela heard my alarm and came in to ask if she could go to the toilet {she always does that, asks... I think it is a daycare/preschool/school thing?}... She was SO lovely this morning. All enthusiastic ..... Everything was Yep, yep... she was in a great mood. I got her breakfast, put on ABC kids gave her and my guy big kisses and ran out the door. I knew she'd be a bit bored, because Nath would not surface for another 40mins or so. But Kaela enjoys drawing and reading.... ususally when she is being just a bit TOO quiet - that is what she is up to. She potters about. Very sweet.

So ANOTHER month of Boot Camp ! I gotta admit... I am not REALLY enthusiastic about it ~nope~ But I drag my sorry ass down and give it all I can. This morning I ran {the whole way, no stopping or walking :huge for me again:} 2100mtrs and at least 110% improvement on my previous abs strength test. So I am happy about that. A good effort. BIG improvements. The whole health kick thing is definately moving ahead... juicing in the mornings is the next item on my list.

Oh and I DID very briefly consider wearing one of my ALi tops to bootcamp (for inspiration you know ::laughing is appropriate::) But then it would get all sweaty and disgusting... become a workout top - no siree, not for such special items. So I managed to show some restraint. AND I didnt even wear it to bed last night either... how good is THAT!

Tuesdays are my favourite days...I hope you have a good one.

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