Sunday, October 14, 2007

And the winners are...

ALL OF YOU! (who commented on the RAK post)
If that is **YOU**... please email me your addy so I can get them out to you :-)
Joy joy JOY !!!

I really like Sunday nights... getting organised for another week ahead, I feel that all in our lives is sorted and in order... by Wednesday that feeling has all but disappeared - which is why we have Thursday and Friday to enable us to look forward to the weekend approach! LOL.

I am looking forward to walking Mikaela to school tomorrow... the start of the fourth (and last) term of the school year for us. 10 weeks of a finely tuned routine. BAhahahahaha HA ! I can dream :)

I HAVE actually attempted to put together a schedule of what my day MAY?? look like. How funny it'll be to look at in a few weeks, when the REAL schedule becomes clear!

Just for fun... I share with you this photo of Mikaela and her totally ridiculous manicure she did herself. Whist on the phone to the lovely Lusi recently, Mikaela comes into my studio and says "mmmmm, yeah... not very good" I am distracted and not sure what she is speaking of "what?" I ask. Mikaela shoves her bright red nails (and MOST of her fingers) into my face and asks "are you cranky?" Ah... YES, if I were not so busy laughing!!! Silly girl!

Off to watch some teev with my guy. Not the cricket either!!
I hope you all had great weekends...
Now email me your addy!


Sharmaine said...

Lovin' the photo of Mikaela!
Yay to the RAK! How cool is that! Well done everyone ;)
Hope the week is a good one :)

Lee said...

she's a funny girl... I love that picture of her really laughing... xx

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

look at that smile! man that can really get to one's heart!