Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Life...

Is the name of figurative sculpture... given to us by Nath's beautiful sister Cass and her hubs Matt.

I love this so much, I have admired this collection for years. I just never had a piece... until now!

It is perfect that the first piece (of what is sure to be a major collection for us) came in the form of a beautiful gift, a celebration of a wonderful time in our lives {and I cry just thinking of it, or looking at the statue}. And yes, that is mainly due to hormones *grin*

Nath and I are so blessed to be expecting our first baby at the end of September 2007. We are currently 12.5 weeks pregnant and so delighted and excited to the anticipating arrival of our babe and a sibling for Mikaela! EXCITED excited EXCITED *grin*

So there you go Sheila... your senses are 100% spot on xx!

Love and Blessings to you all...


Goddess of Leonie said...

beautiful YOU
beautiful beautiful YOU
i am so heart happy for you, and for nath, and mikaela, and your growing beautiful family...

goddess bless always...

and i LOVE your blossoming belly...

*happy sigh*

new life...


Shaz said...

It has so been the longest 12 1/2 weeks HonEY LoL.
You already know how excited I am.

I am so spewin I cant squeeze you and rub your baby bump.


PheW......................Now that has been hard to hold in. GiGglE

I love you BaBe xxxxx
And you too NaTh
And of course you to Mikaela.
And our little bubba
(yes ours,wink)

Ps. Mikaela I have like a 1000 tadpoles soon to be frogs they are way cute.

swirlyange said...

Hi bek! I'm a long time lurker around here and am so happy for you! Big hugs, and lots of love for your blossoming family!

Ange xo

~ mich ~ said...


You glow. Love to you, Nath, Mikaela and the blessed little one blossoming inside you.

With many blissings,

magicaldamselfly said...

Oh beautiful Bek I am so excited for you and Nath. I can just picture Mikaela as a big sissy she will be wonder*full!
Big gentle hugs to you all,

Wanda said...

Hi Bek: I found you on Darlene's post. Love the sculpture. It's beautiful, and congratuations on having another child.
We were given the "Nativity" figurative sculpture for Christmas from a friend, and they are all so beautiful. I hope your collection grows and grows.
I'm a new blogger, come visit me sometime.

Turner Family said...

Bek - such a beautiful sculpture! Just the perfect piece and so symbolic! I am sooo excited for you and hope you haven't had any sickness!! So very excited for Mikaela as well!
Hugs and Kisses
Di :-)

Susannah said...

Congratulations honey!! what fantastic news - i bet you are absolutely *glowing* :-D lots of love xxoo

Sarah said...

Congratulations :) How exciting! I had a feeling when you said you had a secret!

brittany said...

congrats! so happy for you.


la vie en rose said...


lusi said...

Hey Bek!
Just catching up here - MAJOR congrats on your fabulous news of new life growing! What a blessing!
Love to you all :)
Lusi x

Oh and your cards looks FABULOUS!