Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flex #1, Dr. Suess quote...

Yippeee... I found a series of new challenges via Gigi's blog, Patty's Flex your Creative Mind Project (FYCMP). So far there are five exercises up and I have managed to complete ALL of them over this weekend, I will probably get behind from now on *haha*

Here is my take on Exercise 1... Dr.Suess quote:

The quote is:
Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. Dr Seuss

I am TOTALLY addicted to challenges ~ I LOVE THEM~

I find I am even setting myself challenges ... most common one is to get the page done in an hour - and most the time I do.

Peace out...


Patty S said...

Hi Bek! Welcome aboard! I'm so glad you found me...I love to see what everyone is coming up with.
What a great LO - I love the painted 6! A beautiful keepsake to document a milestone (they grow fast, don't they?!!).:-) Patty

Mel said...

Dr Suess - very cool - what a great idea for a scrap challenge. Love the photo - how grown up does Kaela look? ridin' her bike to school & everything... and she's has THE most expressive eyes I've ever seen -- so wise and so beautiful -- loved the flowers layout with Auntie Katie as well!

Turner Family said...

Love doing challenges too! Just wish I had more time for them. Really look forward to Monday's so I can see what you have created over the weekend.

Angela Marie said...

How special is this?!
This is really sweet!

Your baby girl is adorable!