Sunday, November 05, 2006

Elsie is SO CUTE...

....She really is very sweet. Tho the dear darling is SO OVER being away from her man and family.... TOTALLY understand that !! I had two of my girlies having teary's on the phone to their family... and we'd only been away for two nights. CUTE AS ((hugs)).

That said... I had a GREAT TIME.
Girlie chats and girlie times.
Wine, beer.... delicious food and rockin' company.
It was so nice to just CHILL OUT.

On Saturday we had two of Elsies classes... I made two very adorable albums, tho one of them was not the actual class project, rather an improvisation. I need to reselect my photos and then I will do that album as "homework"...

Ssssssooooo... here are some snaps of my albums.... which I also added to by sewing stickers down and stamping onto transperancies. I also intend to add some more photos. These albums are really cute {just like Elsie} and I love coming home with goodies for my family.

THey love them too.... so I am one happy chicky.

HOme SWEET Home! Off to help my gal and guy with the seafood BBQ, have a beer and play some cricket.
Happy Sunday night *grin*
Peace and Love


Goddess of Leonie said...

oh... b e a u t i f u l honey...
she looks TRES cute :D
and totally get the ~being away from fam~ thang...
AWESOME scrapping babe...

and i gotsta say... as feedback... please kill off ze music video.. it almost wipes out my machine when i go to load your page... as MUCH as i love your music taste... up to you :D

love you

~Bek~ said...

Leones... thanks love, we had a ball just the same. Its so nice to be home too.

On the tunes matter... either you have a really old clunker, or you have a virus sweets...or do you have a slow internet connection?

I dunno...just that I have spoken with at least 6 peeps on this subject and everyone else is working fine...

I'd rather not take it off - I really like it and its fun.

If you keep having difficulites.. let me know.

Lusi Austin said...

Hey Bek!
Nice to meet you yesterday - blogging land is soooooo weird hey especially when you meet someone irl for the first time :) You were so energetic and gorgeous! Love love love your album and Elsie was totally cute!
Lus x

marije said...

Cute stuff!!

ceanandjen said...

Bek, so glad to hear that your weekend was so fabulous. As always, your scrap books are just and whimsy all tied up into one sweet package. Have a great BBQ!


~Bek~ said...

Lusi... thanks, I loved meeting *you* too... I cant wait to get my hands on your stamps!

Marije... thanks :-)

Jen... It WAS a great weekend, really! But so was having a beer, playing cricket with Nath and Mikaela. ANd watching a movie. I love home. As much as I love my creative adventures... I guess I understand how Elsie must have been feeling. You can have TOO MUCH of a good thing sometimes! Though for me my dream is to SCRAP everyday!!

Peace Out...

b/sistersshoes said...

These are all adorable and you look like you had a blast :D

I love the sewing and button motiff and your color choices are so cheery.

Miss you love,
hugs OOO

Di said...

thanks for the great company on the weekend Bek. The pic of you an Elsie together is soooo cute. Love the extra touches you have added to the album... you should post some pics of the other one as well - it was gorgeous!

~Bek~ said...

Dar... thanks {adorable} is SUCH a cute word!! Bahaa.. we did have a great time. Colour choices... not ours, part of the "kit", but I like them too.

Di...THANK YOU for some terrific company gorgeous gal !! Ah I have MORE piccies & will burn you a CD !! My family were calling me and getting annoyed... so I posted as many pics as I could before Nath got the total PIPS with me *grin*. isunnnff!

((hugs)) to both you dear angels.

my pink sky said...

such inspiration...eating up your site!

Shaz said...

They are gorgee babe cant wait to catch up on the rest of your week.
Love u xoxo

Georgia said...

Oh my goodness!!! I could eat your albums up they are THAT delicious. I absolutley LOVE scrapbooking... but mine are no where near as fabulous as yours are. Beautiful!!!