Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Donating Blood...! I donate blood pretty regularly, every three months.... for about 16 years now. Makes me happy... and since I can do it, since I meet all the criteria... I figure its the least I can do to help others. I am kinda fanatical about it actually!
Here are a couple of snaps of my loves... at Tidbinbilla on the weekend... we had such a lovely afternoon, fun and relaxing. Mikaela and Nath could have played on the flying fox all day and night...

They were very cute.

Last night Nath and I went to see "Little Miss Sunshine"... oh my, there was some snorting let me tell you. Giggle snorting... full on belly laugh snorting. It was hilarious. I loved it. We will absolutely be buying the DVD.

Another movie... which is a DEFINATE must see for me... The Pursuit of Happyness! Wowsers, the preview itself had me in tears. I love true stories like thse... rings so true for me, and I get a lot of satisfaction of seeing good people overcoming odds. LOVE it ! I see it everyday... people overcoming the odds, and its nice to see it up on the big screen. Makes me Happy!

Another movie I cant wait to come out: Charlottes Web.. yah! I know Mikaela will love it.

Anyhooooo... off to swimming tonight & catching up with Kim and Jodes and their kidlets.

Happy Hump Day lovelies....


ceanandjen said...

Bek...good stuff indeed. Your two beauties look so very happy. I am glad that you were able to enjoy some time with your honey and enjoy a great movie! Have a beautiful hump day (it's not hump day here yet...he he)

xoxoxo to you!!!!

Shaz said...

the girls and i love flying fox's and I really love true stories and will smith (smile) heart you x

Sarah said...

Sounds like you're having a great day! Congratulations on winning the How Dare You challenge too -- great LO and your daughter is gorgeous :-)

And yes, I was ridiculously excited to get a comment from Ali on my blog!!

b/sistersshoes said...

Hump day...more like lump day with all the cooking that has to be done around here.

Everyone comes to my house for Thanksgiving....Mmnnnnn turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy...yum

lovr you babe,
xxx darlene

Di said...

Great pics Bek. Must watch those movies. Just watched An unfinished life, which was also good. Must admit to looking forward to the next Bond movie - it looks hot!