Monday, January 23, 2006

On Song again.....

Nath and I are getting into the groove of our new home and being with one another 24-7 is turning out to be pretty great. As Nath said "We are on Song"...lovely :-) Especially since we did have a couple of days when things were not aligning so well...tis life!

Yesterday my darling friend Kim came over for some scrapping. I had just mentioned to Kim that we should take a break when Nath got home and came in asking:

You girls need a break?
....he had bought us dips and jatz.......SO CUTE :-) I love this man so much! I also LOVE {big time} scrapping with my girlfriends...sometimes we all talk at once, sometimes we are quiet and reflective...but either way they are GREAT company and I seem to get much more done when we have our scrap days. I think it has something(!) to do with organisation...and inspiration too :-) The plan was to hold monthly scrap days at mine...first Sunday of each month :-) but after yesterday I decided I would like to have them every week....have compromised[:-)] with Nath and have agreed that once a fortnight is doable...yipee!

Kaela is still being very sweet, she has been a bit sick since returning from o/s, bit of a fever. Maybe its the change of climate, or the long trip....but her spirits have not changed, she remains pretty active. I stayed home with her on Friday....try to get her over this thing...we had a nice day together, she slept a fair bit and I so love looking at her sleeping angel face.

Anyways ....looking forward to another challenging week and hope you all have a good one too..
B xx

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