Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Book Share...

So I am up and planning my day while my family sleeps... looking forward to walking Mikaela to holiday program, where she will be off to Questacon today. Honestly, the main thing I am looking forward to RIGHT NOW is my coffee LOL...

Before I do, just quickly, thought I would share a book that I bought at the airport, or a couple rather, this past weekend...

My Body After Baby by Kellie Hush, I have enjoyed reading all the stories from 17+ women on how they felt about their bodies after childbirth. It is true that we have SO many books to arm us prior to birth, and not much for afterwards. I am reasonably happy with my body now (helps that Nath recently bought me a size 12 pair of JAG jeans THAT FIT ME nicely too... Oh the joy of that first pair of NON maternity jeans :)). I have NO intention on going on any crazy diet, that would be impossible for me, trust me!! Of paramount importance to me is that I am breastfeeding Joshua... 100% until 6months and probably 50-60% thereafter for another 6-12months, depending on what feels good for us.

I am however trying to budge off the last few kilos (mind you 10 of the excess were from BEFORE I even fell pregnant, which is the REAL issue)... so I am walking and trying to cut out my excessive sugar intake, I am limiting myself to one lindt chocolate a day. Another reason for this is that we would like to pregnant again in June, I dont want to enter another pregnancy already overweight... seeing the difference of being 10 kgs lighter with Mikaela was tremendous. ALSO really gets me thinking about my book idea of writing womens birthing stories...

The other is Raising Happy Girls... Mikaela is such a dear girl, she has such a loving nature, but there are things that trigger her and I need to understand how to manage and help her through these stages. Her social life is of prime importance... and her relationship with her natural father is also a big influence. We have {again} ceased contact with him, and she is all the better for it. Needless to say he has been given endless opportunity with Mikaela and we just want to protect her from any further abuse from those she is supposed to be able to trust the most.

Having said that... I could improve my skills on dealing with an [almost] 7 year old daughter myself!!

So there you go, two books I am reading right now! Oh and I MUST share this beautiful one that Kim bought for me at Christmas, I finished while on holidays... it touched my heart deeply, it is a beautiful book and poetically written:

Off to have my coffee and chat with my guy before our little'ns are up. My day will consist mainly of finishing up a major project, finalising some naming ceremony "stuff" and hanging out with our little dude.



Dal said...

Hi ther Babe!
Steve Biddulph has also written a book called 'Raising Boys'. It's worth checking out.

I love to look at your beautiful life!

We should catch up again soon. I miss our chats.

Lots of Love

Anne Marie said...

Oh my gosh, I read Memory Keeper's daughter a few months ago! Quite a moving book. I'll have to look up that Raising Girls book. I have a 14 year old that I've tried so hard to raise right...and now a 4 year old girl that I want to do even better with. This kid-raising thing is SOOOO hard and SOOO heartbreaking! Congrats on all your upcoming publications, Bek. I'm a big fan of your work, and can't wait to see your name more often in pubs. Way to go! Love Josh's cut. i remember when I finally cut my son's curls off; it crushed me when I saw what a big boy he looked like!

amy said...

I just finished Memory Keeper's Daughter and loved it. So hard to believe they just dropped babies off at a home if there was something wrong in 1964! I found you via Michelle and I think we have little ones in common and paper arts too!