Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Space...

Well ... it is re-organised space and so it feels new.
The lateral filing cabinet DID arrive before baby afterall!
Nath re-arranged the furniture for me last night and this is my new look studio.
Well "in-progress" new look studio as of course, there is still some cleaning to do.

AND now that I have my filing cabinet I can get super organised with scanning negatives and photos and placing things in ORDER! Mind you... I am preferring to read right now :-) I have this and this to keep my mind distracted/occupied for a day or two. Actually I am almost finished Penny's book and so I am avoiding it... as I dont want it to end!

Spring is definitely in the air here (well it WAS, tis a bit cool ATM). Tuesday I was inspired by the lovely Nicole with this and especially by THIS (I LOVE THEM TOO!)... to do similar to celebrate spring:

Happy Days.
Oh and go here to see a little bit of me :-)
Chuffed am I!? Yessim.

Nothing new on the baby front. Due the 20th, just that Mikaela came three weeks early and this one is a big one... so was hoping - but hey you know they have a mind of their own! 2 weeks to go today... and trying NOT to focus on it TOO MUCH. LOL!

I hope all is well with you and yours lovelies.


Shaz said...

Too excited for words WOO Hooo

Kirsten Michelle said...

i love this little collage...such beautiful colours!!! gerber daisies are my most favourite flower ;-)
i love that your spring is just beginning. that as the temperatures are dropping here and we move through fall into the cold, cold winter, I'll be able to come here and look at all your beautiful spring/summer photos!!!

Patty S said...

yes i saw that at olw --- way to go!!!
love those daisies, they are one of my favorite flowers.
patty :-)

nicole said...

Really love your space!!!
And the collage is gorgeous :)

ceanandjen said...

Newly organized office/studio space...hurrah! I am moving into my new office/studio space upstairs tomorrow and am very excited.

Relax and read these last few weeks...good plan; that is exactly what I did.

Sending you love and comfort.xoxoxo