Monday, September 17, 2007

Look who's home...

Here are a couple of my fave photos of the moment.
The first photo is the most recent... and it is brilliant how much his hormonal rash has cleared up with my breast milk coming in... he is doing WONDERFULLY!

Joshua is the best little babe.
Mind... his delivery was not quite what I expected. It was a tough one, but we are over the worst of it now (gotta love the amazing female body) and we are HOME.

Thanks so much for all the blessings and emails from you lovelies.
To say that I am beside myself giddy with love and happiness would be a ridiculous understatement!
I have *SO MUCH* to share once we are settled.
Love out...


Patty S said...

baby pictures!!!!!!
he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
and the HAIR! holy smokes!!! (i had bald-headed-buggers. hee hee!)
you all look so happy - and i know you are!
CONGRATULATIONS bek, to you and your family. ENJOY!!!!
(and keep us updated with pictures!)
love, patty :-)

nicole said...

What a sweet little baby!!
So glad to see you are all home and doing good...looks like he has a very proud big sister too :)
Thanks for the update - and all the great pics...
congrats again!

Lus :) said...

I had tears looking at all these gorgeous happy for you guys! he is just soooooo perfectly adorable!
Massive big squeezy hugs for you all and so much love,
lus x

Kirsten Michelle said...

gorgeous, bek...
absolutey gorgeous!!!
every single photo ;-)
sending you hugs and healing as you transition through these early weeks...
congratulations to you all!!!


Goddess of Leonie said...

oh wow!

huge congratulations to you and your fam bek...

and welcome to the world joshua!

Turner Family said...

Bek - he is soooo beautiful! Love all the pics - will come and visit when you have settled in!

Colorsonmymind said...

Oh what beautiful pics. Congrats bek!!!!!!!!!

Oh a lovely lovely time.......bathe it the love of new baby:)


magicaldamselfly said...

WOW what a head of hair!!!
Love the pics as you all are positively glowing.
Congrats to you all Bek and fairy blessings to Josh and Mikaela.

::big hugs::

Wanda said...

Oh Bek: I have been checking your post every day looking for a picture of that sweet boy! These are wonderful pictures. What a dear family you have, and you look so beautiful. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

ceanandjen said...

OH my gosh honey...I stay away from blogs for a few days...and look at the miracle that I come back to see. This gave me the best possible way. Your boy is gorgeous; you all look so over the moon and full of joy. A big warm hug and huge congratulations on your new little miracle.

lots of love.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Shaz said...

I have tears rolling down my cheeks Bek,Nath and M he is just amazing, what a precious little bundle I am so happy for you all I could burst. xxx

Denise said...

What else can I add but my own,

Aunty Lee said...

Oh! He is beautiful! I can not wait to see him tomorrow! And also give you a big kiss - very proud of you Bek! xx

Marjolein said...

Oh, he just looks beautiful..... what a must be so happy!! Love the one with your daugther and Joshua!