Sunday, July 01, 2007

Word Up #4, New...

Here is my One Little Word challenge for this fortnight... For more images of this layout, go here.
Nath and I were SO excited yesterday morning... taking apart our old bed, setting up the guest room and jumping up and down when our new King sized bed arrived. Seriously exciting stuff for us. OLW challenge being NEW fit our new bed nicely. My journalling is totally corny and sentimental :-) ... that the best thing about our bed is laying down with Nath every night to share everything... our hopes and dreams, our fears, our lives, our future... you know, all that stuff! The GOOOOOOOD stuff...

Speaking of "the good stuff" here are a few other things making me squeal with delight right now:
** Mikaela had Elise stay over Friday night... naturally they were up for AGES giggling and squealing, very sweet. They took off to the pool with her parents yesterday and had a great day together.
** Having "Creative Friday's" with Kyle... I created this piece. Fun. Kyle made the most gorgeous cauliflower soup... seriously delicious!
** Ayo, Joyful CD... I LOVE so much!
** This piece I found in one of my old Artists Journals recently... This is how I felt when pregnant with Mikaela and how I feel pregnant with our little one now! These products remain on my wish list, pricy... but oh so yummy! Alas all I have is the tear from the magazine LOL!
** Now we have a "guest room" for visitors, the first will be Nath's parents in two weeks.. Whoohooo.
** My oldest gal pal... I have know for 24 years is HERE in Canberra... Oh my THIS had me squealing a LOT last night when we spoke as she was on her way... I so can NOT wait to squeeze this girl. S T E L L A!!!!
** Go here to see the cutiest newborn babe!

Love and Peace out and happy Sunday...


Lis said...

Fantastic layout :)

m i c h e l l e said...

Very cool LO and cauliflower soup sounds SO good right now! :-)

Wanda said...

What a nice post, Bek. And the cauliflower soup sounds wonderful. I'll take a bowl and a few crackers!!!

Patty S said...

i love all the details on your layout!!! i really like how you did the word 'new' and your heart accent - it's all beautiful!
enjoy sleeping in the clouds ;-)
patty :-)

jessi said...

what a fabulous and fun Lo!! have fun with the new bed!!

one little word

Lynn said...

Love this! Love all the colours totally fun!

one little word

Rebecca said...

Wow! Love them! Fabulous.

~Bek~ said...

Thanks so much for your beautiful comments ladies... I really enjoyed doing this layout.


Great layout idea!

ceanandjen said...

I hope that you had the best time cuddling your dear friend..and hurrah for new, big, beautiful beds!