Saturday, July 07, 2007

29 weeks now...

Which means:
11 weeks to go! JOY JOY JOY! Things are going really well... we had an appointment with our obstetrician on Thursday... and he laughed (I am pretty sure AT ME) because the baby is 31 weeks in size. Mmmmmm. Men!!

For Shaz and my sweet lil' sis, Lee..... HERE YOU ARE - another photo of me and baby... I guess seeing this I can understand the laughter. Tis rather funny!! See for me... looking down, I dont think I am THAT big *smile* and asides, even if I am... I am only going to get bigger hey! LOL!
Nath's parents have arrived from Adelaide today, and Jean tells me that the clothes I have bought for bubba today are too small. Lucky we are going to buy some more tomorrow... AND begin setting up the "love" room for bubba.

Speaking of LOVE... inspired by the ever-talented Lusi and her love letters box... I have made one for me and Nath:
Thanks Lusi Lu Lu for inspiring me with this lovely project, I had such fun creating this keepsake for us. For more detailed pictures, go here.

I hope you all have a great weekend...


nicole said...

Oh my goodness Bek you look so cute!
And love the love box :)

celine navarro said...

you look STUNNING, my dear!!!!!

Wanda said...

You and your babe are so beautiful! You look so happy and so healthy...11 weeks...I love your black board too!! Cute! And the Love Box is darling!!!

Lusi :) said...

You look so GORGEOUS my dear friend!!!! And that love letters box is so beautiful! I'm honoured that it could inspire someone as gifted as you :)
Much love precious,
Lus x

Turner Family said...

Beautiful picture of you Bek. YOu are so photogenic! Love the box, especially the painted heart.

Shaz said...

Thankyou Babe you look so amazing and what a beautiful bump, lump, huge belly whatever you wanna call it lol.
Oh Honey I love it you have grown but your figure still looks beautiful ;)

Sorry I missed your call talk to you soon.
Love you Huge xx

Patty S said...

you are GLOWING!!!!!
that box is really cute - great idea :-) patty

ceanandjen said...

Honey, you look amazing...and YES, that little baby is big!!! he he You have the most beautiful pregnant belly.

lots of love.xoxoxo