Thursday, April 26, 2007

SuperHERo Bek...

I am officially a SuperHERo now :-)

Kyle took this photo of me yesterday. I actually managed to get three layouts (almost) finished and we had a great day with She and her little ones... SO noisy and SO MUCH FUN!!! Much laughter shared. Lots of goodies shared too... I had gifts for Kyle, she had stuff for me... beautiful!! Including some devine produce... a jar of olive pesto (I almost ate it ALL last night and sundried grapes - both delisious... seriously considering taking them to Syndey with me. Thanks Kyles *smile*

I am off to Sydney in a few hours and will not be posting for a few days.

When I return ... I will have SO MANY goodies to share, class projects, photos of what is sure to be a splendid weekend, and of course all the latest baby news after our appointments today.

FYI... I do have other tops, this is just one of my favourites!

Till then, take care loves!


Moo said...

have fun Bek...I wish I was coming too!

Wanda said...

Darling is your color, love the top.

Have a good and safe trip.

ceanandjen said...

I think that you were already a superhero honey! *wink*

You look absolutely radiant.


Susannah said...

you look gorgeous in your new necklace, sweetie, accessorized with your beautiful little bump :-) x

Shaz said...

As always I love seeing your lovely lady lump. xxx