Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home again...

Four flights in four days, now we are home again... which is so very nice :-) All I can say is: I am not so sure about our impending 4 week trapse all about Europe... I am such a sook, seriously!! I really dont like those little spaces on planes, and Mikaela trying to get comfy.. and me (with my BIG belly) trying to accomodate her... and feeling rather claustriphobic! THEN there is the "cramming 100 billion things into ONE day... EVERY day for 28 days" I am tired just thinking about it! Oh I know, I am a DQP (drama queen princess)... but a pregnant one and it will be harder than the usual travel adventure, which is usually taxing in itself. Our departure is only 31 sleeps away. And our schedule is pretty full on between now and then too, let me say!

Anyways... back to more recent days. The day after Bobs funeral (which was a lovely truibute) Nath, Cass (SIL to be), Mikaela and I went down to Victor Harbor and spent the day together, just seeing the sights and being one as family!

We walked over the 630mtr causeway to Granite Island and were passed by a Horse Drawn Tram.
We saw a
Seal, putting on a show for all passerbyers, such a show pony he was really cute. Such a sight, Mikaela delighted in watching him twist and turn, rub his nose, splash water on himself.

We had a BIG lunch of seafood before heading back.

We totally forgot about the lovely blonde lady we'd seen on the way... she had a sign to a Penguin Centre, but explained regrettably that it was closed, she was only opening for a school group. When she saw how disappointed Mikaela was, she said "you come by on your way back and I will see what I can show you".

Weeeeelllll...We had our own private viewing and tour of the Penguin Centre... there were 12 in the enclosure and each had a name and story. They were so lovely. As we left I got teary because Dorothy and Keith had been so lovely... and they didnt need to be... they just were, I felt so lucky and blessed. Things like that happen to us all the time... and its those little things that make me feel life is truly amazing!

Then on to HorseShoe Bay for a dip in the icy antartic waters. I have never swam in such freezing waters as I have in South Australia, but I **LOVE** it. It is so envigorating, crisp, pure... all the things I adore about the ocean, plus icy. Its wonderful. Of course it is not long before Mikaela is shivvering and instead she plays in the sun and sand until it is time to go.

So now we are home and pottering about and relaxing before the new week begins.
Kaela is on school holidays, which means a few days with Mum and a few days at holiday program while I am working.

A few things I am enjoying right now (and often):
** Karen Russell... I love her candid blogging, she has me laughing along with her, for a woman with four kids and a pretty full on career ~ I find her so inspiring ~

** Eye candy.... its always Oh Joy, I dont know how she DOES it, but she does, and I am so thankful she DOES! Yummy yummy stuff.

** Droowling over the April Sissey kit, which I should get in the next week or so! YUM!

** These papers I got in Mount Barker... just around the corner from Nath's parents home.

Its Monday now... I am at home with Mikaela as she has hurt her neck... poor baby!
Love and Peace out...


Turner Family said...

Makes me feel tired reading about it. I know what you mean about holidays - really tiring when you aren't pregnant, let alone when you are! I know you'll have a great time anyway - just need to pace yourself. Hope Mikaela's neck is OK!

Shaz said...

You are my sweet DQP and I wuv u very much. I am sorry I have been distant it is not intentional but I am back on track and will ring you.
Missing you babe. xxx

Patty S said...

hi bek!!!
those penguins are sooo cute!
okay - i'm curious....since i'm from pennsylvania in the US, we have different ways of saying things. so, i want to know what a 'sook' is?!!!
i really hope you will enjoy your european vacation. soak it all in - so much to see!!! patty :-)

ceanandjen said...

Despite the fact that your reason for taking this trip was a sad one indeed, it seems that you all celebrated life in such a beautiful way..and isn't that what it is all about?

Thank you for sharing your trip and these beautiful photographs.