Friday, January 12, 2007

Favourite Photos...

... from our holidays???
I would post them... if Photobucket were working!!!
I am having a bit of trouble with it right now. Actually a LOT of trouble!
And it is driving me slightly nutz.

Whatever....I say because, thankfully - I am going to get my hair done in one hour!
So in the meantime, I am going to make myself a latte... and forget all about this here computer! Before my brain implodes! Hopefully I will post again this afternoon. With lots of pics.

For now.... take a look here at things I am loving right now:
*Ali directed me here, Sabrina's photography site.Gorgeous!!
**Celine.. the most talented collage artist, such colours, such vibrancy.
***And always... this site is such pure JOY! I can NOT even begin to fathom where she gets all this stuff from? Or how? I am loving it thats for sure!

I am also loving our new ceiling fans installed this morning... its going to be another 38 degree day here (thats 100.4 for you Fahrenheiters)... eik!

Yesterday... I got six layouts done at Kyles (again, will share art soon)... nice to have time just to scrap. Sunday we have a scrap day with our CM supplier - kewl. I am so looking forward to beginning my Artists Dates next Friday... hours of uniterrupted ARTSY creating. Mmmmm BLISS.

I so wish I could post the (really only slightly) gruesome photo to go along with this next bit of information ~ Mikaela is about to lose her first tooth~ YEP. THIS IS BIG. This is HUGE for an almost 6 year old. Oh the excitment and anticipation is almost too much! Almost. Cute is She! Be warned.. the photos will follow soon *grin*

Peace out gorgeous ones...


Shaz said...

Hey babe, doesnt that shit ya? giggle i hate when that happens.

Oh M how cute is she, I so loved meeting her. Tell her I am still looking after her other taddies (frogs) as well and will post pics as they grow legs and a little thing just for her.
So missin ya but will visit before the year is out I promise.
Love Ya xxx

ceanandjen said...

Look at that FABULOUS new banner!!!!! That made me smile. And hurrah for loosing the first tooth...the tooth fairy can not be far behind.

Looking forward to more photo goodness!


celine navarro said...

you're an absolute doll ! love ya!