Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tired but happy...

Life is so busy! Now that I have finished another major design project (not yet made public, will share when I can *smile*)... I am taking time to SLOW down before my next series of deadlines comes along, before Christmas mania (LOL!!) ... taking time to B.R.E.A.T.H.E and relax...

Slow living isnt about doing everything at a snails pace;
its about giving weight, time and urgency to those things that require it and relinquishing those things that just cause anxiety.

I love this quote! It is on my dreamboard I created 17 September 2006... and is hung above my desk for me to take in regularly.

What I love about life... is that we CHOOSE, it is a CHOICE how busy we are, or how much time we take for ourselves... for our family, our life. To walk in the grass, to pick flowers... to enjoy this life we create. THAT is such a powerful amazing thing.

I *LOVE* being busy... LOVE it! I love challenges that inspire me. What I don't love is when I get CRAZY busy and it impacts on my mood, my family, my relationships... when I become that "WHOA is ME.. I am SO BUSY!!! " person - I hate being that person! A martar, a person incapable of saying no, of taking charge of their life. I can feel myself roll my eyes into the back of my head when I begin on this treadmill. LMAO! Thankfully I snap out of it pronto.

Whereas some people just live there constantly... we live in a society where expectations of how much we "achieve" depends on how long our "to-do" list is... as opposed to how HAPPY we are WITHIN. Isnt that the REAL achievement of life? I think so and that's what I'm about, what is most important to me.

Perhaps that is because I have always been a "glass is half full" person, always... I have found that with a positive attitude and time to mediate and reflect... we can slow down quite easily. Your to do list may be just as long as anyone elses... but you take JOY in your list... in your life. If your "to-do" list is WAY TOO long - simplify - cull it, or accept it and take joy in doing the things you choose as important. SIMPLE. There it is again, SIMPLICITY and CHOICE... in attitude and action. Life rushes by so very quickly... we owe it to ourselves to live it well... in happiness of our choices. We owe it to ourselves to simplify and to live a slow life.

I think during the silly season, during the busy busy time of Christmas it is important to remind ourselves of all of this. To relax, chill out and enjoy our lives and loved ones because that is really what Chrissy is all about.

Today I choose to simplify and live slowly.
Enjoy your HUMP DAY gorgeous peeps...


Danielle said...

That is a perfect quote. Love it.

I tagged you on my blog, btw ;)

Patty S said...

well said.

Jodes said...

You got it all together babe! :)
Love the gorgeous pic of you and Josh.
Will call you when I get back from S.A.


Paula said...

Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I am starting to improve & wish they had let me have the antibiotics sooner. I have had 11 days holiday over the past 7 weeks & spent it sick instead of creating. But I love these words written here. While ill, I have had to slow right down & change how i manage my time. I enjoy the easier pace to life & will keep it even when Im fully fit again.

Wanda said...

What a wonderful quote Bek. Everyone should live by this one!
I've always been the glass half full too, and I prefer the positive side of living! There is enough negative things in this old world without me adding to it!!!
Love you bunches.

That picture of you and Josh is to die for....delightful! You are both so cute!!!

Gigi said...

first of all...that picture is GORGEOUS!!!! omgosh...look at how radiant you are!!!

& then i read your post...& i'm are such an inspiration, bek...what a wonderful reminder...thanks, i needed that today :)


will do :)



ceanandjen said...

Oh my goodness B, this was so incredibly timely to read. Thank you for this gentle reminder and wow to you for keeping yourself balanced the way you do. I love your spirit; I always have.

love to you.xoxo

daisies said...

jen (ceanandjen)sent me this link this morning because of a conversation we had last night, i am in that overwhelm space and i did so very much need to read this reminder. my whole body relaxed as i read it, yes! thank you for such a beautiful gentle reminder : ) xox

dreamergirl said...

what a great reminder, thanks for sharing!

Kirsten Michelle said...

this is a gorgeous photo of you and your boy ...
just gorgeous ;-)