Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kaela's Play Date...

This past Sunday from 2-4pm, a group of six year olds came over to ours to play. It was SO much fun, even for Nath and I... we laughed SO MUCH! One of the other parents, David stayed to assist also, which was greatly appreciated.
Ingredients for successful play date:
A whold lotta PARTY FOOD!!
REAL eggs for egg and spoon race
Few pairs of old stockings to cut up and use for 3-legged racing.
A few very excited 6 year olds....

So they ate and drank until their fill.

We walked down to the local park (and football oval).
Most of the kidlets ran ahead and had to wait at each corner or road crossing.
They played on the park equipment.

Then they played some games:
* egg and spoon race
* three legged race and
* marco polo.

Drank and ate more - played more.

Another walk back to ours... and some relaxing infront of the teev for some, and courtyard games for others.

It was such a great afternoon, with lots and lots of belly laughs!
Spring is definitely in the air.
Loving this life... JOY !


Patty S said...

lots of fun!!!! good for you!!!!
your photos are great, but that first one - W.O.W. - it looks like it should be in a kid's clothing catalog or something! enjoy your warming weather!
patty ;-)

Jodes said...

Where are you getting all that energy from? :)
Glad to see you all got out and made the most of this glorious weather we are having.

kelly said...

i love your blog...and is that a superhero necklace i see you wearing? i have one too!

ceanandjen said...

There is such LIFE in these photos...good, pure, happy life. :-) Glad the kiddies had such a wonderful time, and that the adults got by too! he he You have patience my friend; I don't know if I could have done it!