Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bad blogger me…

Sorry I have not blogged in a while!

So many things are happening … 2007 is proving to be a HUGE year! I am not sure about you … but for me those I am close to, 2007 so far is rather, uhmmmm, what is the term I am after here? ~huge, massive, life changing~ a major shifting in and around us all**

My baby girl turned 6 a few days ago. Saturday she had a great disco party at KidsCity, 15 screaming and squealing 6 year olds… she had a blast.

Afterwards we had a lovely BBQ with Kyle and Jas and their clan along with my beautiful sister Lee, which makes me so happy. I love having my sister’s visit. And I love just hanging with friends. Simple and relaxing pleasure.

A BIG happy birthday to my gorgeous gal pal Kyles too… it was her birthday Sunday.

ANOTHER huge thing making me SO HAPPY today is that my youngest sister ~Katrina~ is planning to move back to Canberra again. YAH !!! I can just see our weekly family dinners and catching up for coffees… me so happy! She and her man are coming down this weekend to scope it out a bit :-)

This year I have begun holding monthly Artists Circles… so far we have had one gathering which involved most of my Women’s Group, this weekend I am hoping some of my other creative sisters are able to attend. Its so good to just hang out and get creative with a group of talented and inspiring women.

I had my pottery class Monday night and hoped to collect some pieces to post piccies of, but they have not been fired yet. I am thinking of going to the members day tomorrow, should get a heap done then.

Check out this cute little tribute to Kaela here. Shaz is such a darling heart!

Oiw, and check out these Eight Principles for FUN my gal pal Vanessa sent. Very kewl!

** I am not ready to go into all my major changes just yet, but I can share a few things that are pretty major for me.

Working 3 days a week is okay… but I am REALLY looking for a career change and even tho my horoscopes (teeheheheee) are telling me its all about to happen… how is it that I don’t even know what it is yet?? I have no idea what I want to do…. I only know I am sick of what I AM doing. I also know that this will pass - and to put it simply… I have a job and something else will come along… I just need to be a little more alert to the signs the universe is trying to provide me… at the moment I am not getting it *grin*

Easter… 4 days on a house boat with my loved ones and my lifer friend Naomi and her son Jordan (Mikaela affectionately refers to him as her step-brother, which of course I adore).

May- June… Nath, Mikaela and I are going overseas to Hong Kong, London, Belgrade, Paris and Italy for 4 weeks holiday… practically have it all sorted. SO SORTED that we are not really that excited about it … YET, if you know what I mean? I know I am a weirdo, but it feels too surreal or something right now.

Simplifying…for some time this has been one of my main aims {or maybe it is a continual quest to attain a more simple life}… and this year it has all fallen into place. My relationships and my life is SIMPLE.

Life really is, just very, very simple!
I am SO loving that.
I will post photos later today/tonight (I hope) *grin*

Enjoy life gorgeous ones!


Anonymous said...

thinking of you

Shaz said...

Hugs and Kisses to you sweetness. xo

Susannah said...

guess i'll be seeing you soon girlfriend :-)

Jodes said...

Yeah! Bring on is going to be awesome :)
Paying for my o/s trip today, and so understand, hard to get excited when the planning has been done but it's still a little while away.
Love you

la vie en rose said...

i've missed seeing all the amazing things you've been creating...

ceanandjen said...

A belated happy birthday to your beautiful girl...and oh can I feel it all swirling honey...a good way. This all sounds so powerful and altering. I get the changes, and the feeling as though you are on the brink of something great, but not being sure when and where, or in your case how. It will be revealed to you when the time is right. In the meantime, you have so much to look forward to!!!

I can feel the joy all the way over here, and I am so happy for you!!!!!

lots of love